TMR was founded in 2005. We offer companies the ability to fulfil their producer responsibility for packaging. With a nationwide system for collection and recycling, and with simplified administration and great flexibility, we are now successfully established on the market. TMR is privately owned and independent of interests in industry and raw material.

Producer responsibility in short

The ordinance regarding producer responsibility for packaging applies since 1994. It means that all companies that import or manufacture packaging, or package products sold on the Swedish market, must provide a system for collection and recycling of this packaging.

Our offer

Most companies cannot fulfil the legal requirements on their own. Our offer is simple – become our client and we will take care of the rest. We have a nationwide collection and recycling system that fulfils all legal requirements. Through our system, your clients and all the households in the country can always leave packaging for recycling near the home. Naturally, we will manage all administration connected to our clients’ producer responsibility, such as reporting to concerned authorities, consultation with municipalities etc. Last but not least, we continuously inform our clients about the development and possible changes within the area.

Consultancy services

With more than 20 years of aggregated experience of total solutions for waste sorting, recycling and producer responsibility, we can guarantee a solution that will make you satisfied. We focus on increased recycling and reduced costs.

That’s what we’re good at!