Our aim has always been to recycle as much as possible of collected material. This is an area where we always exceed the authorities’ requirements by far. And of course, reprocessing should be done in Sweden, with a minimum of transportation.

Our method

When TMR has its way, as much as possible of collected packaging is reprocessed to new raw material. This material has a value, which contributes to keeping down the packaging fees that you must pay to maintain a well-functioning collection and recycling process. What is good for the environment is good for our clients as well.
Our aim is to reprocess all collected packaging material in Sweden, with a minimum of transportation. Through our partners we have ensured that we can always follow up where the material has ultimately been reprocessed. Part of the collected packaging, for example certain types of plastic cannot be recycled into new raw materials. These volumes will instead be subject to energy recovery, which is a fully acceptable method from an environmental point of view. TMR is in the forefront of finding new technical solutions to increase material recycling for this type of packaging as well.

From linear to circular economy

The idea of the circular economy has become increasingly important as the resources of the earth are running dry. Our consciousness has deepened and hopefully triggered a process both with consumers and producers. Our willingness to recycle waste continues to grow, both as consumers and professionals. To an increasing extent, producers now invest in minimizing their packaging and designing both products and packaging to enable maximum recycling potential, or even better, reuse potential. When this work goes hand in hand with the fact that greater quantities of packaging are now returned for recycling, we all contribute in easing the pressure on the environment and reducing the depletion of the earth.

Our recycling results

TMR’s collection and recycling efforts have always exceeded the requirements and targets set forth by the Swedish parliament. We are very proud of this and we will of course continue working with the same strong ambition. We report the results on a yearly basis to our clients as well as to concerned authorities
Example: During 2014, we collected 103% of plastic, 97% of metal and 131% of paper packaging put on the market by our clients.  If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us at TMR.