TMR has a nationwide network of recycling stations and kerbside collection. This means that all households can always leave packaging for recycling in accordance with the requirements in the packaging ordinance.

Recycling stations

Approximately 5,800 recycling stations for paper, plastic and metal packaging constitute the framework of TMR’s collection system. The stations are placed strategically throughout Sweden from Trelleborg in the south to Kiruna in the north. There is always a recycling station available for households with the desire to recycle their packaging. More information about collection, how to sort packaging material and how to find the nearest recycling station can be found here.

Kerbside collection

Over the years, TMR has built and extended its cooperation with local waste management companies, property owners and environment and recycling companies. This way we can offer households a comfortable arrangement for sorting packaging near the home, so-called kerbside collection. TMR’s strategy is to enable the corresponding service for as many as possible. We continuously develop our successful model in additional geographical areas through agreements with new partners.

Collection for companies

TMR offers nationwide collection and recycling of packaging for companies and other businesses.

Our services are available in all of Sweden’s municipalities.

Large volumes
To assist companies and businesses in sorting and recycling packaging material, so-called commercial packaging, we offer a wide range of solutions adapted to your particular needs.

Small businesses
Small businesses wishing to dispose of minor volumes of packaging material for recycling free of charge are welcome to contact us and we’ll sort it out.