The law in short

The ordinance governing producer responsibility for packaging applies since 1994. The objective is to boost collection and recycling of packaging to the maximum level and to lay the physical and financial responsibility on the producer who puts the packaging on the market.


Who is a producer?

According to the law, all companies that sell packaged products or packaging on the Swedish market are ”producers of waste”.

Producer responsibility

  • The ”producer” has the physical and financial responsibility to fulfil the requirements as stipulated by the law.
  • ”The producer” shall provide adequate collection systems and facilitate for households and others to sort out packaging material from food waste and other waste.
  • After sorting, the ”producer” shall see to it that sorted out packaging in the collection systems is dispatched and reused, recycled or in any other environmentally acceptable manner taken care of.
  • A ”producer” shall consult the municipality. Consultation shall consider local conditions and aim to coordinate the ”producer’s” responsibility with the municipality’s public cleansing obligation.
  • ”The producer” shall communicate information required by the municipality to inform households.
  • A ”producer” shall report to Naturvårdsverket (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency).
  • During manufacturing, ”the producer” shall strive to design packaging so that it can be recycled and so that waste is reduced.
  • A ”producer” shall strive to reach the recycling targets of the ordinance.

Allocation of responsibility between market operators

Within the legislation’s framework, the tasks are divided as follows between the operators:

Ministry of the Environment and Energy: Overall responsibility for the details of the producer responsibility ordinance.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency:Their assignment is to compile statistics on recycling and producer responsibility.

Municipalities: Responsible for supervision of producers in the local municipality.

TMR: Supplier of producer responsibility services, aimed at companies and organizations that fall under the producer responsibility ordinance and need assistance in complying with legal requirements.