Our composite sleeper

In collaboration with Plaståtervinning i Wermland, TMR have developed a railway composite sleeper. Sorted household plastic packaging is used as raw material in the manufacturing process. There is a tremendous interest in our sleeper. We foresee a large share of plastic packaging collected in Sweden being used in the manufacturing of our composite sleepers.

Kompositslipers med fäste och räls


Extensive testing at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) shows that our sleepers tolerate not only damp and cold but also heavy traffic. Accelerated weather tests point towards an expected life of 50 years. In addition, our composite sleepers have been tested by the Swedish Transport Administration as well as the Inlandsbanan railway and have been used on the tracks for three years. That is why it comes as no surprise to us that the sleepers in the track tests are completely unaffected. During the past year, we have delivered thousands of environmentally friendly sleepers, for example to the Malmbanan LKAB railway and to the city of Luleå, where Jernhusen is repairing larger shunting yards and switches.

Vår kompositslipers på inlandsbanan

Technology with a unique way of solving several market problems

  • The railway is facing requirements for a gradual elimination of today’s pinewood sleepers, treated with the carcinogenic creosote substance.
  • Composite does not require sorting of collected plastic packaging into different types of plastic, a procedure that is expensive and fairly inefficient.
  • The market is facing problems finding outlets for certain types of plastic. We create a demand that increases the incentive to collect and recycle the plastic packaging.
  • Composite sleepers work excellent together with pinewood sleepers which make them usable in connection with maintenance work.
  • Composite sleepers fit perfectly into the circular economy. We recycle collected plastic by pressing it together into a composite sleeper. After some 50 years of use, we grind the sleeper and repeat the process to make a new sleeper.

What could be more circular!

TMR AB assist companies in fulfilling their producer responsibility for packaging. We use a nationwide collection and recycling system. We also manage all administration linked to our customers’ producer responsibility, such as reporting to concerned authorities, consultation with municipalities etc. For more information, please contact Peter Mellgren, TMR AB, telephone +46 737 63 39 02.